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November 15, 2005

Missing me?

Awww... bless.

I'm just guessing that you are 'cause it's been a while! Last week wasn't that interesting - which is why nothing's been posted here!

Exciting things are that Paul, a guy in my lab had his viva for his PhD and was recommended for one by the examiners. So, he'll be a doctor soon. That might happen to me one day. Might make it all worthwhile. That said yesterday a theory I've been working on for ages...(read as nearly 9 months) seems to have come out to be nice and simple - this is worrying as it might be too simple... oh well.

In other news, Sue, the annoying one from the pub (who used to be barred and rose from the dead a few weeks ago) has been barred again on Saturday. It was a funny experiance for everyone in the bar - well other than the poor people she leached onto who didn't know what to do. It all cumulated when her husband told her to "f-off, you're annoying everyone". The next part was a little hard to follow... but after collecting accounts of what everyone else in the pub heard, he's decided he wanted a divorce and told her this... "let's shake on it"... "no"... "Shake On It"... "no"..."SHAKE ON IT, or I'll breaking you f-ing hand".


Whilst having my breakthrough (well until I find it being bollocks again) yesterday I also set up a webcam looking out of my lab - and a load of crazy SSH forwarding-ness (to get it outside the uni firewall) and php-ness to cache the image on my webserver and update it every minute if required. Whilst saying that I've just realised how it could be broken... arse. I'll have to fix that later - it'll do for now!

Tower Cam
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