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October 18, 2005

So, what's going on then?

Bugger all really.

The PhD is going somewhat shite. I sense I'm been sent down the wrong path and am meant to be writing up a paper but I'm not seeing the real point of it, or how it could possibly be useful. So, this sort of makes things a little dull and makes me think things are futile. I've started to hate going into work. Mainly because I know that it's all going to be a big pile of wank.

I've also now it seems been given a final year undergrad to look after. So, at least that gives me something else to be getting on with. Although, clearly, he's doing stuff that's tenously related to the paper. At least it's not the damn paper!

Another reason I've not touched the paper since Friday is because I've got to make an A1 poster which explains my findings so far. This is one can say some what of an issue. My findings so far are... I should have never wanted a PhD in the first place or something...

I was speaking to a guy who I met at the conference thing in London last year. Apparantly he thought he was going no where so jacked in what his research was and then started something new. Only bad being that he's only got 18 months funding left. Hmmm...

I'm sure I'll work myself out of my littlebig hole and refind some motivation. I hope so anyway, otherwise it's going to be one big pile of balls.

In other news... pub last night was funny. The guy who owns the chippy across the road came in and sent me across to get myself some free chicken 'cause he was feeling friendly. The landlord wouldn't let me eat it in the pub... so one of the lorry drivers who I'd been talking to all night goes across to a bunch of about 20 students sat around the TV and tells them how harsh it is that I can't eat the chicken. They all thought I should be able to eat the chicken, just in case you're wondering.

About 10 mins later I get told I can eat the chicken - so long as I give the dog some (the dog's the reason I couldn't have it before because she'll have wanted some and wouild bark like crazy)... the lorry driver then lets the people across the pub know that I've been allowed to eat the chicken aIt'nd there's a big round of applause. Hehe.

It's all fun and games this destudentifying yourself and blending in with the locals. People even say 'hello' and ask how I'm doing when I walk down the street. Funky. 'tis the only thing that keeps me going at the moment!

Anyways, I'm writing this on the laptop and the battery is about to go bye-byes so I'm gonna press post... I'll post again soon!

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