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October 20, 2005

Gotta love living round these parts!

Went into the pub early yesterday evening to check up on the sound system which was buzzing apprantly. It'd fixed itself by the time I was there. I did get wind that one of the local couples had broken up and the girl had got back with the 'ex-'.

Big deal you're thinking... let me fill you in...

  1. Girl's dad ends up with another sprog - bearing in mind dad already had 8. He can't look after him and mum doesn't give a shite. Eldest daughter takes kid in under her wing. For a long time I'm thinking this kid is hers... as you would.
  2. Girl gets boyfriend and the boyfriend gets quite attatched to the baby (which is neither of theirs)
  3. Boyfriend gets dumped, but really wants the girl back.
  4. Girl gets with another local lad - I thought I'd documented the flirting techniques involved to get to this state earlier on on the blog... but it seems like I didn't - well I can't find the post anyway!
  5. Ex-boyfriend's sisters tell new boyfriend's mum that they're going to cause 'harm' of some kind - what's funny is that ex-boyfriends sisters are new boyfriend's mums step-children (well step ish... she was dating their father for a long time until he died of a heart attack)... I digress
  6. Yesterday(ish) new boyfriend turns into an ex- and the ex-boyfriend turns into an ex-ex-boyfriend.
  7. Our new ex- wants back the girl... and this is now yesterday...

So, the new ex- is sat in the pub talking to the girl's dad when I come in to look at the sound system. When I go in later, 4 and a half hours later they're still in there! Apparantly, whilst sat there they'd had all sorts of visits from people trying to defend either side of the break-up. Clearly after some beers... new ex- is heard saying to the dad, 'Look, she's as fit a fuck. I want her back'. To which (also after beers) the dad replies - 'look, you can do so much better than her'. Wonderful to see she's been defended by her own father :-)

Who needs Eastenders?

More posts about other recent things to have happened later... that way I keep my post count up and make the blog look more active :-)

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