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September 4, 2005

'ello monkeys

'nother update thing time.

I've worked out that that reason this thing isn't being updated as much as it used to has something to do with the fact that I appear to have lost all motivation to do absolutly anything! Today has been a great show to me of my lack of motivation - I've been meaning to start writing up a paper all week and have been putting it off and off... today I decided to do some of it but just couldn't stay motivated - it's like worse than trying to revise for exams (I'm sure most of my readers will be able to relate to this - there's always something better to be doing) Well today's problem was compounded by the fact that there isn't actually anything better to be doing.

I've been so bored of late.

Yesterday evening I went around to Bo's house for the Chinese meal in the tour of meals from my lab (remember the Thai meal?). Before going I was warned by her that she couldn't really cook! Oh well... So what Chinese delights did I have? Well there was the roast chicken (which was like an English roast chicken - along with an English salad and Ceasar dressing). Spare ribs in a 'sweet and sour' Chicken Tonight sauce. Fried peppers and some Chinese fungi stuff. Heh. For the record... roast chicken is some what difficult to cut and eat with chop sticks.

It'll be my turn to do English food soon. I wonder what I'll do... Uncle Ben's Sweet and Sour Chicken served on a bed of chips? Bless, at least she tried!

I've found out more about the inter-breeding of my local area. It's mighty complicated to the extreme. I was going to draw a diagram to try and explain all the almost incestuous links that and interwoven into this local society - but it'd be well complicated to try and draw - it'd almost need to be a 3d drawing!

Humm... anyways, I've managed to motivate myself to write this post - whoop whoop... it could well be time for bed!

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