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September 12, 2005

More than a week since a post...

... a new record? Could well be. I'm not boring enough to look through the archives and check. I'll let some of my more bored readers do that.

So, what's new in the last week?

Nothing much. I have found some more motivation which is good. Probably not enough motivation to actually be that useful - but at least I'm doing some work which I've been trying to put off for ages.

Talking of work... my tutor decided to volunteer me to talk in one of my research groups Thursday afternoon lectures. Grrrr... means I've got to swot up like crazy so I actually vaugly know what the hell I'm talking about! I'm not looking forward to it at all. That said I've managed to bag a slot at the end of March so hopefully I'll know a little more by then!

Looked after the pub again on Satureday evening. Nothing much fun happened. Got annoyed when a load of rowdy people turned up at 10.55. Bastards. Luckily they'd all finished by 11.20 so I didn't have any difficulty throwing them out - that said I did make it quite clear I was going to shut up at 11.20.

Some other people tried to stay back and wait for the landlord to come back... managed to make it quite clear that I wasn't going to let them by killing all forms of entertainment they had... such as the music, the TV and both games machines... muhahaha...

When he did eventually come back we played our deadly exciting Planet Rock name that tune game - me thinks I might be better at the pub quiz back at home now... that's if we actually ever go again seeinig as hardly anyone lives at home anymore!

In the afternoon I watched some God TV, only because I was flicking through and I noticed that Audacious 2004 was on... Audacious' basically being the Meltdown thing I worked on the year before under a different name. Exciting stuff.

Yesterday was boring. Did some work on the paper I'm writing up and that was about it.

2 days 22hrs 36mins 50secs to go!

Kick ass.

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