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August 11, 2005

Update on the Skating...

Well... last evening we went to skating lessons again. Woo. We continued with what we leart last week with a different coach - no continuity there then! 3 out of the 4 things already seem pretty much in the back... it's just backwards crossovers that are going to be some what of a big bitch - that said I'm sure I'll get them in the end - confidence innit.

After a Penne Carbonara and two episodes of Red Dwarf later we Chris and I went back to the rink. Who do we see on the way out? The skater gurlz. Dammit.

It does win quite high on the daft stakes. Who in their right mind pays 4 quid each to go skating for 30 minutes?

Of course in the 'Peter Pan World' I've now decided to live in, it's clear that they like me and went home early disappointed that I wasn't there. Only to find out that I'd arrived 30 minutes after the session had started. Clearly, you'd look silly going "ah-ha... maybe we could go back on the ice." There was also the give away comment given by one to the other (the other being the one who I think it's rather nice) about how she could stay and skate with us, but she was leaving. The idea was declined though...

Of course there's the other way of looking at this - and that she realises I fancy her... and doesn't fancy me... and the other one is trying to be a 'bitch' and get her all worked up by trying to get her to stay behind...

Who knows?

More to the point - who cares?

We're not going next week because there's no coaching happening - stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in a fortnight!

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