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August 16, 2005

Sarah's Big Day

So, at the weekend I went up to Halifax for reasonbaly long awaited Sarah's wedding - how exciting!?

On the evening of Thurday we went to the pub to celebrate Sarah's 23rd birthday - not so exciting - but fun nethertheless. Friday we went out for John's 'Last Supper' after much wondering where to go we ended up opting for Pizza Hut - of all places. Where a group of 5 of us decided to order enough pizza ansd starters to feed 8. Whoops. We only left about three quarters of a pizza though - so it can't be that bad...

We headed off to 'spoons and met up with Sarah's Canadian cousins who John had invited the night before - they clearly had ulteriour motives to make him drunk :-) I was about this time that the best man decided he couldn't take the pace and went home... leaving me with the responsibility to ensure John stayed sober. Unfortunately, John's not stupid and refused my offers of upgrading his shandies to full blown manly drinks.

As John had been staying at my house on the eve of the wedding, and Dad was driving the Roller it was quite cool to get a lift down to the church in the beast :-)

The wedding service itself went really well - the bride was on time and everything! There was a tiny bit of confusion when everyone left the church and then walked back down the aisle because it was raining...

Reception number one (Wedding Breakfast) was really nice. Best mass produced food I've ever tasted - so much so that you couldn't tell it was mass produced. Other than the over deep-fried in old oil, potato waffle which was under my pork. Just goes to show that they aren't really that waffley-versatile. No idea what the chef was thinking there!

Speeches were good. It felt quite an honour to be embarrassed by the father of the bride in his speech - he happened to mention the first date he could remember Sarah going on... when she was 8, with yours truly. Apparantly he thought it was a little too young to be going on a date :-)

After some more photos we dissappeared off to venue number 3, for "Reception part Deux - The Ceilidh". I managed to try and make it my mission to dance with as many people as possible. Did quite well... didn't manage to dance with the bride though :-(. Did however manage to make my Mum dance, shared a dance with the vicar's wife (as she was my corner), and Sarah's aunt (and that was only 'cause her cousin refused to dance!)... No idea who I danced with in the progressive dances...

It'd prolly be a point now to apologise now for getting so wasted... I was still hungover on Monday if anyone thinks I need punishment. Getting so drunk was partly due to being the last person to leave the reception... by about 1 hour 30... heh. Was stood talking to the bar staff... who clearly wanted to go home - well some of them did, some seemed content on drinking... but one of them (the older one) decided that he liked me so 'bought' me a drink - and we continued. No doubt they somewhere back in Halifax laughing at me... ah well.

Some photos I took might appear on the gallery... maybe. They're quite shit because I couldn't be arsed pushing myself past all of the paparazzi!

Seeing as I'd previously forgotten when I'd not had a day without booze... I didn't have a drink on Sunday, 14th August. So, if it ever gets that bad again I'll check back here and then I'll know :-)

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