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July 30, 2005

Blimey... it's been a while

It sounds a little strange writing that really, 'cause it's still less than a week since I last updated this 'ere blog. More and more of the blogs I read seem to be making their way on to the 'Blogs that Sleep' section... oh well.

So, what have I been up to?

  • I went ice skating. No sk8r gurlz :-( I've cunningly decided to call one of them 'smilf' (I'll let you work out which one) - it's an acronym and the 'S' stands for skater. I'll let you do the Googling to find out what the rest means - if you already don't of course! Skating is going well at the moment - although I do need to get my skates sharpened. I was all over the place!
  • Seeing as I'm addicted to fried chips ('cause they taste nicer than oven chips, if anyone disagrees then they clearly need their heads looking at) - and I don't have a fryer here I've taken to going across to the pub and abusing theirs :-) Works for me. I think I'm going to keep a bag of chips over there in the freezer to save me taking one across and looking a tad silly slipping into the kitchen when it's busy.
  • One of these chips runs had me finding that the pub was a little worse for wear as their weren't any clean glasses, mainly as the landlord seemed to be having issues in serving people and collecting them and putting through the wash... hmmm... anyway I decided to go back and give him a little help putting them though the wash etc as he was serving. I was suitably rewarded with free beer :-) and arrived home at 5.30am.
  • On Saturday morning/afternoon... (let's say noon) I got a phone call from the landlord telling me that he couldn't get the tills to work and he was a bit stuck as to why (his eyesight isn't too good and he was having difficulty reading what was on the screen). I got out of bed, got dressed and went across there... he'd found the manual for the till and everything for me... luckily it didn't take too long to notice that the till doesn't work if it doesn't have a 'staff key' in it. Silly... (akin to no light coming out of lighting rig... oh look someones put the grand master down...) ah well... got 2 cups of coffee and a bacon sarnie out of that. Didn't leave straight away though... as I decided that I'd use my new found till problem solving abilities to do the price increase on the till which (apparantly) was locked out and wouldn't accept them... that didn't take too long to solve either.
  • Appartantly, the landlord had 'accidentally' called his girlfriend on Saturday morning at about 6.15 after going to bed after our late night session. Whoops. To make up he wanted to go and see her in the evening... but that involves staffing the pub. I guess you can see where I come in here... yeah... my first solo shift in the pub. Luckily, we didn't get battered so all was well.
  • Today, I've been making PCBs. Exciting stuff.

So, there we are. The last week of Ed. How damned exciting? No? That's probaly because I've left out all the exciting bits, silly :-P

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