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July 21, 2005

All ready for the next grade?

Well, yesterday was the last lesson before the all scary test for level 6. I'm feeling quite confident - although it'll be one of those things where I'll bodge and it won't be the lovely coach testing us... it'll be one of the really anal ones who moans if you don't put your arms out sideways for balance when you are simply skating forwards...

Last night was an even early night! Woo! First one is ages. I was going to start calculating how much time in the last week I'd spent in the pub - I gave up adding up when I got over 24 hours, because I decided that I didn't really want to know. Anyone would think that I'm becoming an alcoholic! Doh! My bank balance or productivity isn't taking it particularly well.

One reason my productivity hasn't been that great is because when I've not been in the pub I've been in bed - this is due to not knowing what time it is - so I always make a rough estimate in my mind that it must be 7am and go back to sleep. I don't know what time it is because of the lack of bedside table next to the bed (where the clock lives)... it's a bedside shelf which is behind the bed... sometime (ie when I'm home and can take photo and draw diagrams) I'll show you the cunning all optical way of being able to tell the time from bed :-)

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