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July 21, 2005

How to not flirt...

I'm bored so I thought that I'd recount some humour from what happened in the pub a few nights ago...

Steve was up from Lem, so we went to the pub. We're stood ordering drinks when someone who some middle aged munter came to talk to us...

I'm not flirting with you... but... do you have a light?

[landlord smiles and mouths 'Thank you' as us... It seems like he didn't want to get lumbered with her. Munta dissappears to the end of the bar]

[5 minutes later]

Oh look I've found my lighter now.

[shows us it's location in her fag packet]

See, I told you I wasn't flirting.

[30 minutes later, after she's been to the loo for an eternity and the landlord is considering sending a search party...]

So, do any of you play pool.

[It's at this point when Chris decides to tell her that she's annoying us and would she leave us alone. There's a massive grin on the landlord's face :-). She then decides to lay into us... bloody ignorant rude students... blah blah blah... you're not local, you go away a holidays... you shouldn't be in the pub... blah blah. She asks the landlord if she can have another drink and is declined because she's annoying his customers. She explains that they're only students and the landlord points out that they aren't (slight lie on my part I know...) She comes back to apologise which isn't well received and decides to leave the pub, leaving most of her G&T. Oh well.]

So, how's this how to not flirt... other than the obvious... well if you're asking for a light... it seems more like you are flirting if you then show us where you've hidden it so that you could have an excuse to talk to us... also in the transcript did you actually read where she actaully lit her fag? Yeah, I know it could have been in the toilets... that was a while after she'd originally found her lighter. Heh, what a loooooooooooooser!

Ah well we won't be seeing her again I don't think... it's not like I've ever seen her in there before and I know who most of the yokels are now.

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