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July 15, 2005

Chatsworth House

Woo... a post about something that happened.

On Sunday Chris, Mysoist and I went on a little day trip out to Chatsworth House. It might be said that we picked the wrong day to go - what with it being the day of the Meatloaf concert there. Whoops. It didn't make too much difference I suppose - the tranquilty was somewhat lost during the soundcheck!

The house was, well, you know like a stately home, full of loads of old really expensive things. The gardens were, well you know, like gardens with loads of green and other coloured vegetaion in them. I quite liked the gardens - I less so liked the maze after we went on a mission of who could get to the centre first. My attempt was thwarted by Chris who told me that going down one path was a dead end, after asking him are you really really sure - being sure my mind that I'd found the rest of the dead ends, he said yes. Later, upon finially reaching the centre it transpired that Chris had been told it was a dead end by someone else. Bah, you can't go trusting folks in mazes - I suppose I shouldn't have gone trusting Chris either really!

The comradery amongst people who couldn't get to the centre was quite funny - mainly as you'd keep walking past the same people over and over and over again :-)

This post would have been much more informative if I'd been arsed to write it after it had happened instead of waiting for most of a a week :-(

Stay tuned for the next exciting post...

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