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July 6, 2005

Crimson Room... update...

I'm slowly getting more and more knarked off with people asking what the code to the Crimson Room is on my post on the subject... "I've tried all the codes and they don't work"

Well, I've come up with a theory as to why...

The old game used to have the code of 1994 hard coded into it. People stole the game and put it on their website as their own... this isn't what the makers of the game wanted.

They changed the code and invented the Yellow Chamber. When you end up in the Yellow Chamber you are given 4 cards... you look at each card and wooo... it's the number for the safe. Simple... well... no... I beleive that the number shown on the cards (and the one that works in the main game) is linked to the IP address of the computer requesting the game files.

This means that if you view the game from somewhere that's not the offical site then it's definatly going to work... go to the official site and play the game from there... don't go asking how to get it working on a copied version of the game at another site - that's just plain silly.

People who view the Internet through a proxy or web cache may end up downloading the files via a different route from their ISP's proxy servers... and therefore the code the Yellow Chamber gives does not match up with the code the actual games expects.

I suggest you give up trying to find the code and stop pulling your hair out... after entering in the code you open the safe and get a screwdriver... this allows you to escape. So, you're missing out on one step of completing what is a completely useless game.

Don't go stressing about it!

If you really really want to complete it sign up to an ISP who doesn't do any caching of webpages...

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