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June 18, 2005

Ben Folds

Well, dispite Vigin's best efforts (and Joe's sense of direction) I managed it to the gig.

'twas good :-)

One of the highlights of the gig had to be his cover of Dr Dre's, Bitches Ain't Shit. Sounded much better live mind - it's all in the body language, or the way we got psyched up for it - "Here's a cover of a Dr. Dre song, just to warn you, it might have some offensive lyrics..."

The support act Clem Snide was also rather good. Again, warning that we might find some of his lyrics offsenive. "This one's called "Jew for Jesus Blues".

I don't really do reviews, if you've gathered... so...

You'd better look out, because I'm gonna say 'Fuck'

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