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June 17, 2005

A post from a Platform 1, Derby Station

Well, I'm on my way to Coventry for the concert. I've brought my laptop along so that I can try and kill time on the train by doing some work or something like that. Well... there wasn't any room to get the laptop out on the train from Nottingham to Derby. It's a pity really, 'cause I'd have quite liked to have transcribed the really loud converstaion going on between two girls who were sat behind me. They were just loud and just went on and on and on and...

They're off to a wedding in Bristol this weekend. Seems quite odd. Accommodation is in tents and the wedding is taking place at 7.30pm on the Sunday. With some sort of really early morning swim on the Sunday morning. There's a party tonight in a marquee, where there will be a casino.

It was quite interesting listening to them going on. Beat just sat there doing nothing I suppose. It was around the point of them talking about how the party could be so cheap - involving a tent and a casino (for only £5), that the guy sat next to me looked at me and said 'Fucking hell'. He then turned around to the girls and asked them to shut up becuase they were disturbing him.

They did shut up I suppose. I felt somewhat arkward, as I wanted to laugh as hard as they were trying not to... they did do quite well at keeping it, be they couldn't see him, which made it all the more difficult to not laugh. Unfortunately, it was quite obvious that I was laughing and had to stare really hard out of the window to contain myself.

Hopefully, the train I'm meant to be catching will have the platform it's meant to be appearing on now... so I'm going off to hunt it down.

Not exactly sure when the post will make it to the web - although it'll prolly be this evening... it's not really back dated (something I have problems with occassionaly, and I know some of my readers do...) - as the date represents when I'm typing it - so there! :-P

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