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June 17, 2005

Grade 5!

Heh, I've missed a few days of posting, and people are begining to feel some withdrawal symptoms! So... what's been happening in the last few days?

Not much really...

The landlord came around on Tuesday to mow the lawn. He left us a nice letter thanking us for being really great tennants and looking after the house so well, etc, etc. If only they knew what shit I've been up to in this place for the last 3 years of my life!

Thinking about leaving is making me quite sad to be honest. Why? It's only 3 years in a house which I take the piss out of quite frequently... I suppose it's not the building, it's the memories I have of what happened within it's walls. Living here has definaltly been a major part of the redevelopment of myself from what I was, all shy and introvert, to what I am today - still shy and introverted, but trying damn hard to come out of my shell once in a while.

What? You don't think I'm shy and introverted and tyring to escape? Well... it just goes to show that you don't know me then :-)

I'm going to have to go around and take loads of photos of the place before I leave, so I've got something to look back on when I've got grandchildren - 'this is where Ed lived whilst he was at uni.'

On to other news...

Yesterday, although it'll be two days ago by the time I've finished typing the post... I had my next Ice Skating test...

We'd pretty much decided that we'd all got Grade 4 in the bag. Hmmm... I might have told you this last week.. well anyway... after passing that early on in the testing - due to it's relative non-difficulltyness. It was decided that it'd be time to test us for Grade 5. Why not? Even though we'd never really been taught the things for that level...

After much practicing and the like we all managed to pull off each of the things we had to do... and it was decided to pass us on Grade 5, because if we had to do Grade 5 next time we'd probably have it sussed in no time - and if anyone else comes and joins the group to do Grade 5 with us we'd be much better than them and it'd slow us down...

It doesn't really bother me... at least we get to try and learn some really really challenging crap for the next six weeks - most of it's backwards stuff... backwards stuff isn't really any of our forte. At least it means we'll have to practice it... that said, it'll be hard to practice at public sessions when there are loads of little bastard children swarming around like flies...

Anyways, after skating Chris and I went to the pub for some drinks. Once again... today didn't really happen early on - I didn't leave the pub until 4.15am. Arse. Managed to have quite an interesting time, playing 'name that song' with the landlord and Planet Rock.

I'm off to Coventry tomorrow to see Ben Folds Five. I didn't know I was doing this until Joe called earlier today to say he'd got a ticket going spare. It's gonna be cool, me thinks!

Well I suppose I should think about going to sleep so I actually make it into work tomorrow instead of 'working from home'. That said, I did have a rather productive work from home session this evening. Managed to write a program to take data from my parallel processing Monte Carlo thing and make a nice TPSF out of it - it actually seems to work too! Well wikky!

I'm sure I've probably missed something out... oh well!

'cause my peers they criticize me
and my ex-wives all despise me
try to put it all behind me
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