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June 13, 2005

Another attempt at dictation!

I'm being lazy with typing again, so this one is another dictated blog post.

I got a bit bored earlier on today, so taught my dictation software more about my voice by reading it a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Needless to say, it seems to improve quite a lot. The problem I've noticed with me and the dictation software is a care too much about what it is typing on the screen, and not what I meant to be saying. If I leave it to keep going on on by itself and just rant at it, it copes remarkably well. I find the same thing happens with voice over IP stuff. When I'm talking to somebody and I can hear my echo with a second delay -I end up pausing, because I think I'm interrupting, but in fact I'm only interrupting myself!

So then, what have I been doing recently? Well yesterday was the TEC annual dinner. After being a bit hesitant as to whether I would enjoy myself I actually had quite a good time - much better than the time and last year, probably not as much fun as my first one. After the meal we carried on to Oceana - doesn't appear to be broken yet! We left Oceana at closing time, which would probably be about 2:30 a.m. we then went for a kebab. After getting the taxi home with Chris we were stood outside the pub discussing things as we generally do when we get back from town - it was now 3:30 a.m. We heard a giggle come from the pub, so decided to investigate around the side. Once we managed to get ourselves invited into yet another late lock in. Oh well, we left the pub, I think 4:30 a.m.

We had a good laugh taking the place out of one of the bar staff. He sometimes wears a T-shirt that says ED? on it. I pointed out that Sarah once wondered if it stood for erectile dysfunction. You know, meaning is the wearer of this T-shirt suffering from erectile dysfunction. This caused quite a lot of hilarity, especially from the landlord - who'd apparently had the piss taken out of him earlier at the pool table.

Today I sat and play my latest new game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It seems like quite a good game with a massive map. However, there appears to be a couple of graphics glitches that might be something to do with my graphics drivers, but I'm not sure. When I upgraded my graphics drivers. The machine didn't like it at all and would boot up to a blue screen of death.

So, there we are, a second blog post from the dictation software. It is definitely easier than the last one. However, it still seems to take ages to do - mainly because I have to think about what I'm going to say before I actually say it and can't really pause or change my mind halfway through like I can whilst typing. Luckily it's not very good at picking up my swear words.

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