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May 28, 2005

Ed likes random nights!

So then, random nihgt...

If you'll remember back to a long long tme ago... you'll have a recollection that I went to Jon's house for a party with a load of nurses... not bad, not bad. I you'l remember further birthday girl invited me around for dinner! Always good.

Well a few days I got an email from one of the girls1 who had been there (and who went ice sakting with me after the party) inviting me to a house party she was having at her house!

After being somewhat dubious on whether I wanted to go or not (due to me being a shy bastard and only having met the girl twice before in my life) I decided that I would go, and it would all be fun. This ended up happening after I'd been to the pub with Chris and Steve. Chris went to bed because he was tired, but Steve was well up for meeting some nice young girlies ;-)

After turning up and not being able to find Helen and wander around a bit thinking... "hey we look like gategrashers... we need to get a drink and merge with people". Eventually I started asking if anyone had seen Helen. Luckily, I spoke to one of her housemates... and she had. What's better (in my books) is that she recognised me! and thanked me for the due care and attention I'd had at the last party I'd attended! (Ed being wooried that he wouldn't be recognised 0 - Ed the VIP 1).

Upon talking to some more randoms who'd I've never met, when telling my name to someone I was told that I was a PhD student... when asking how the hell she knew... clearly it was because I'd been talked about. Score is now 2-0. Woo, yeah.

One girl also told me that she loved me and gave me a hug, which was nice. That said I managed to get quite a few people laughing when we tried to remove a Cola stain from the wall using Shout and a rub in Vanish stick! Tee hee... sillly drunk people. Oh, I got covered in Cola too....

All in all a funny night... which I will no doubt forget in the morning as if it had never happeded! Oh well!

1Ok, so at Jon's houseparty I'd looked after her quite a lot by helping her to be sick in almost appropriate places and the like!

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