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March 16, 2005

Crazy night...

Well, tonight started when I had the following messages on MSN Messenger...

[21:31] Jon: partyy my house now
[21:32] Ed: there's a party at your house?
[21:32] Jon: yes
[21:32] Ed: how longs it been giong for?
[21:32] Jon: hour ish
[21:33] Ed: is that some kind'o invite?
[21:33] Jon: yes
[21:33] Ed: marvelous
[21:33] Ed: any gurlz?
[21:33] Jon: some
[21:34] Ed: not lots though?
[21:34] Jon: enough
[21:34] Ed: lovely :)

So I wnet around to see what I could see, could see.

I'm back home now... upshot is I've got a new girl on my MSN signin list (who called me a superstar, I kid you not!)... and I've got a new number in my phone from one of the birthday girls, who apparanlty... i'm going around for tea with tomorrow... i'm not totally convivinced this is going to happen mind! Mainly due to the fact I can't be arsed to!

Erm, go me! I think I should go to nurses birthday parties more often!

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