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May 30, 2005

Almost the best day of my life so far...

There is a distinct possiblity that today has been all kinds of cool.

Yeah.... so there have actually been better days... I know... (I'm only saying htis so that people who I've told that I've had the best day ever with don't get all dissappointed and all.... you know who you are :-)... nah thouse days still were the best, but anyway. Basically... at the time of writing it is 4.28am. I've just been to a bonfire with John and Sarah, which managed to merge into a bonfire with some other students on the street... who we've never spoken to.... nothing speical there though...

True. What was quite cool is that Emma arrived and started to atlk to us. Basically, she is a girl who's lived here for a while and is the actual owner of magic cat!

What is also a slight coincidence is that she's the same person who served me a cheeky vimto in the R&C when I asked for a purple drink which Anna requested. It's a bloody small world!

Rah, today has been much more cool and intersting than this... I shall have to tell you about it when I'm more sober... it does involve a random trip to London and a man getting beated with a crutch though... argh. Need sleep and soberness!

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