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May 3, 2005

Sunset stealing folk...

It appears that my photo of the sunset is quite worthy of being put on other people's websites! Woo. Maybe I should charge royalties for it!

This thieving gypsy Xanga user has put it on her site. I've been a little less harsh with her than I've been with the other thieves. I've only put my blog address on it. It's a bit of an experiment... will any of her visitors come to my site? Will she remove the photo and find a different one?

The only problem being that if she visits the blog from the link in the image, not only will I have been sent an email about this fact... but she'll also be able read this post, which may/will have a direct effect on the outcome of my social experiment :-)

Only time will tell!

A note to the gypsy... you got a link to your Xanga didn't you? You could at least link back to me :-) Oh, and host the image yourself!

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