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January 23, 2005

The weekend that just was...

So, what's happened this weekend I can here you all asking yourself!

Well, on Friday it was Joe's birthday, although being stupid I didn't know this... I did know that there was a poker game going on mind... hadn't put two and two together. Whoops. Anyways, it was poker at Geoff's house, where I blatantly was going to much cash. Oh well. For food we all had pizza's from Perfect Delivery, needless to say it was far from Perfect, arriving over 1h40 minutes after being ordered... only twice as long as they told us it would. Bastards.

On Saturday, Sarah was here, as was Laura, Matt's other half. Laura was cooking dinner for us, well Sarah and John really but I got invited too - like the proverbial gooseberry again :-) Was fun and we played games afterwards, which turned into drinking games. Chris came round too. People got drunk.

Today it was off for another walk, this time to Dovedale, with John, Matt, Sarah, Laura and Chris. It was ok I suppose. John fell over and made a hole in his knee ({). I didn't really take photos as there was nothing much to take photos of, so I can't really show you any!

I've done loads of pratting about with the VoIP thing too, but I won't bore you with that :-D

And that's that really!

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