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January 25, 2005

Being crap at updating!

Yeah, I'm being crap at updating again... lots of gaps on my calendar etc!

Well later on Sunday evening I went to casualty with John, so he could get the hole in his knee seen to. Wasn't that bad, and it didn't really seem like I was there for 2 hours!

Monday was mostly uneventful.

It appears that I am demonstrating the Java labs now, which is funny because a) I don't didn't (more later) know any Java, and I'm also going to the lectures which I'm meant to be demostrating the labs for... and getting paid. What's more funny is that I've got to take the exam, along with the people I've helped teach... and get over 50% in it.

To try and learn a bit of Java I went for the jump right in up to your neck method of writing a program with 3 sliders that would allow (by sending commands out of the serial port of the computer) the control of the 3 different banks of coloured leds on my 'device'. Needless to say, the guy I work with (who also happens to be the lecturer of the Java course) thought this was a daft idea and that it would take ages for me to acheive. With in 1h30 I was demonstrating to him the finished article. Haha. Go me and my amazing ability to learn/pick up and be able to code programming languages. Looks like Java will soon end up being one for my CV :-)

Went to the pub with Chris in the evening, 'cause I'd totally forgotten about the TEC meeting. Good news is that our campaign for Black Sheep in the Dunkirk Inn has pulled off. WIth it now being dispensed from one of the pumps!

Today I slept in loads and loads and turned up at work at about 12.30. Oh well. I didn't actually do much productive at work really, but hey. Now's now...

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