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January 16, 2005


Today I went on a walk around Osmaston with John and Matt. Mighty good walk really, even if we did get slightly lost in parts! We didn't actually get lost I suppose... more like we just didn't quite follow the plan.

The point where it all went wrong was quite funny... basically the route (we thought!) took us along the bottom of somebody's garden lawn - all nicely mown and everything! To make it seem a little worse there was a woman at the foot of the garden tending to a bonfire. The converstion John had with her was mighty humourous when I think about it...

John: Hello.
Her: Hello.
John: Are we in the right place?
Her: Yes.

Clearly she knew which AA Walking Route we were taking... whatever! The irony of this is that in reality we were in the wrong place altogther and should have not actually ventured across her fence into her garden. This sort of put us walking though a shit load of mud (and shit). Oh well. We refound our bearings and got back to the car all in one piece though :-)

I've put the best of the collective selection of the photos John and I took upon my photo gallery for you to all have a gander at. Some nice sunsets in there, even if we do say so ourselves!

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