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January 15, 2005

Lifts again... where's the logic?

Yesterday I was moving a load of stuff over to the QMC. As there was a large amount of heavy and separate items I had the cunning idea of borrowing a big tolley and then this would allow us to push the stuff all the way there. Instead of taking stuff to a car, driving around and then carrying it all upstairs. This is all made possible because the QMC footbridge now has a lift!

When we arrived at the lift the little floor 7 segment display looked like it was showing:


Shrug, we thought. Looks a bit bust... then the lift came to the lower level... and the display read:


WTF, we thought. Me make some comment along the lines of someones wired or programmed it up completly wrong!

We get in the lift... and all is sort of explained...

[Photo of lift buttons]

So, the display was showing an 'a' and an 'L'... but what's the reasoning in calling these floors this? Any one who does stuff in the QMC have any idea?

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