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January 15, 2005

Team America: World Police

Last night I went to the cinema to see Team America: World Police, a Thundebirds-esq puppety comedy thing about the US and terroism. Rather funny I thought. Defiantly got the sick and twisted 'Southpark' angle, not suprising considering it's made by the same people... hell some of the characters even seem to have the same voices! Yeah, I haven't laughed at a film that much for ages.

Afterwards we went to the pub and then decided to watch BASEketball, which stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the leading roles. Not as funny as Team America, although I'm sure it used to be really really funny also. Oh well. Might have to go and find Orgazmo, for that made me laugh the first time I saw it too!

Back on the Team America theme... the film implicates Kim Jong-il, Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as being behind the terror. I thought that I'd find out more about North Korea and Kim Jong-il, mainly because it's all quite secret, and nobody really knows what's going on there. I came across Korean Central News Agency website, which has on it all the news they want you to hear.

Such as a story about Aerial Espionage Committed by the US. Sort of saying "Hey look, we know you're spying on us."

Lots of the news appears to be about messages that Jong-il has sent to different leaders of the world about things. One news article, where it talks about how Japan is urged to redeem its past crimes against Korea points out that Japan is thought of as it's "sworn enemy". Which is quite funny considering the news agencies website appears to be hosted in Japan! No suprising since Internet use in North Korea is limited/none existant for obvious reasons!

Hell, do a Google search for site:.kp, kp being the TLD identifier for North Korea. At the time of writing this post there are 86 sites mentioned... but none of them resolve!

Ooooh, I'm quite interested in all this now :-)

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