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January 7, 2005

A mighty odd quiz for me to do...

Just found a Christian Denomination Selector quiz thing on the web.

The idea is that you say how you beleive about certain things and it tells you which denomination's beliefs you agree with the most. It's rather clever I think...

Just for laughs I gave it a go, answering as honestly as the questions would allow!

  1. Liberal Quakerism
  2. Unitarian Universalism
  3. Unity Church
  4. Jehovah's Witness
  5. Orthodox Quakerism
  6. Southern Baptist
  7. Episcopal/Anglican Church
  8. Free Will Baptist
  9. Mennonite Brethren
  10. Methodist/Wesleyan Church
  11. Reformed Baptist
  12. Assemblies of God
  13. Church of Christ
  14. Presbyterian Church USA
  15. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  16. Reformed Churches
  17. Seventh-Day Adventist
  18. Evangelical Lutheran Church
  19. International Church of Christ
  20. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  21. Mormonism
  22. United Pentecostal Church
  23. Eastern Orthodox Church
  24. Roman Catholic Church

Go on give it a go and post back the results! Top 3 and bottom if you can't be bothered to do the whole damn list! Oh yeah... I never knew half of these denominations existed!

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