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January 7, 2005

Revolving doors and pushchairs

Just now, on the way for a coffee, I was about to go through the revolving doors. But I couldn't... because there was mother and child (and pushchair), sort of, erm, stuck in it!

When I appeared she dragged the chair back and waggled it about to let me out of the building. Before she attempts to ram the pram (ok, it was a pushchair but pram rhymes) into the revolve again I helpfully pointed out that there was a perfectly usable normal door on the side of the building.

"I can't use that", she says, "it's an emergency exit."
"No, it's not, don't worry", I tell her.

I wander off to open the door and let her through. Do I get a thank you? No. All I get it. "Oh, I thought it was locked, 'cause it's an emergency exit". Jeez. The sign above the door (which she must have looked at from outside) is a picture of the 'running exit man' and the word 'Exit', which sort of suggests to me that it's a perfectly usable exit - that could be used in an emergency should one want to use it!

Anyway, just made me think that maybe I should stop trying to be helpful. Suppose it depends on if I'm being helpful to get people to say thanks or just 'cause of getting good karma. Who knows?

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