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January 5, 2005

Alarming: update

[I started writing this as a comment and then it go big]

To answer Sarah's question: The alarm only went off a few times (it's internal only anyway). It's a bit of a bug with the system really. I would have liked it if it had gone off loads, but instead if you let if go off once on a keypad tamper, shut it up with a valid code, but still leave it with it telling you there's been someone tampering it doesn't set the alarm off again. Same goes for the engineer... who can't unset a normal alarm with his code... but if he's on site he could use his code to shut the keypad tamper up and then find out everyones code... without them knowing he's done it.

Toph: On the coming home front, I came home at 4 'cause I realised I wasn't actually doing anything productive.

Oh, and if you noticed me and ClaudeStreet dissappear off the face of the earth... that would have something to do with me and Matt testing a smoke alarm, to see what actually happens, and if all the smoke alarm boxes sound around the house when one is set off. After trying with recently extinguised matches, we were getting nowhere. So... we made a little fire in a soup tin out of paper and put that out. Soup tin being placed in a big pan of water so I could topple it over to put out the fire if the shit hit the fan.

Anyways, the alarm sounded... but we couldn't get it to stop, everytime Matt entered his code it just kept going off again. So... I'm at the top of my stairs waffing a towel at it and then... silence... and it goes dark. Matt's only gone and tripped out the whole house to shut it up. Taking down everything... the server, my computer, my radio alarm clock... everything. FFS!

I'm slightly worried that when the power died, the sounders stopped anyway! What the hell use is that if the fire's started by an electrical fire and that trips out the electricity. We all die. Great.

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