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January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

Erm... title says it all :-)

Last night I went to Rosie's for she was having a party. It was good, even though all the cocktails were red and I didn't get to drink much playing the drinking games, 'cause the non-drinker kept messing up :-P Oh yeah, it was my brother's birthday too, as it always is on the last day of the year, and we had food and stuff at home. For the first time since New Year's Eve involved me going out and drinking I didn't eat too much! Go me.

Were the fireworks around the eye not wonderful? Even if a tad expensive considering all the sufferering that's going on in Asia at the moment. "Phone this number and donate money" <Kabooooom> <Kabooooom> <Kabooooom> Yeah, so it was too late to change the plans and resell the fireworks back, but still...

Today we went on a New Year's Day walk, up through North Dean Wood all the way up to Norland. Getting up there was quite fun. Then in the middle of Norland Moor with no protection from the elements it began to rain... lots... and lots and lots. I got wet... and so did everybody else. Oh yeah. Luckily, I was back at Rosie's house when the hail started!

Since I've been back home from Rosie's I've fixed another(!) computer and acted as an invertor's consultant, which is incredibly exciting. Had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and everything. I'd tell you all about it... but I can't. Suppose I could tell you that's it's already been invented, like about 30 years ago, 'cause that's not really letting the cat out of the bag is it!?

Of out to the pub for the once a holiday drink with Richard tonight.

Happy New Year!

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