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December 28, 2004

Cardboard Surf Board Board Room Tables

Well, I've got a sinking suspicion that I'm bored shitless - you know like really bored!

Yesterday, I finished playing Half Life 2, bloody great game by the way. I think you should play it. And today I finished the book "A year in the Merde", a bloody great book by the way, I suggest you read it.

There is of course the chance that it's not a good book, and I only think so, 'cause Paul West appears to have had very similar experiences to what Amanda had when she was in France. Even down to little details of photos not being just right for a Carte de séjour - I'll have no doubt remembered this wrong, and there wasn't a problem with photos, but hey!

Anyways, yeah, I've got nothing to do now! This evening I got so bored I started to sort out my MP3 collection. That's exciting... and now I'm writing bored blog posts! Oh well. It'll be bedtime soon maybe... could play Half Life 2 again, this time on easy mode to see how quickly I can complete it, now I've done it once on hard!

Oh well, laters!

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