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January 4, 2005

Like death - warmed up... but only just

That's pretty much how I feel at the moment. I don't have any real energy at all :-( All I feel like doing is sleeping.

Yes folks, I've got another cold. Since October I think I've had about 2 weeks free of colds! Grrrrrrr....


I'm back in Nottingham again. Woo! Which means that I'll be putting up the photos of the New Year's antics - not that they were very antic-y really! JJ I'll add yours too if you like.

On the evening of New Year's day more people than expected were at the pub! 'twas meant to be just me and Richard. But, Rosie, Sarah, John (of my housemate type), Ruth and Sarah D were there also. Crazy coincidence! Look at all those blogs too!

It was requested that Ruth's and Sarah D's be added to my recently updated list thing, so they have. I've also reordered my links list as to show no favouritism - that is if you notice that it's now alphabetical!

Well it was back to work for me today... where I'm trying to put a case around a circuit I've made. Not as easy as one would have thought. That said I thought I'd found a nice subrack mounting kit hidden away in the lab... but after messing with it all day trying to put it together it appears to be two halves of incompatable kits. Arses. Oh well only about a week until the thing has to be finished. Shit.

What else have I forgotten to tell you about?

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