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December 28, 2004

Computer fixing...

Did you know that if I'd posted a blog post from every computer I'd fixed since Christmas Day that there would be a hell of a lot more posts than there are.

I thought I'd start doing it now... this is one of the 4 computers I fixed on Christmas day, that I've had to come and refix, 'cause they broke again... nowt to do with me gov'.

Fixed the dude who live across the road from me on Boxing Day. It was rather funny, his adpoted son is living with them at the moment and has early morning 'porn viewing' sessions on the computer. The computer was rather full of porn and porn diallers. Don't worry though, I told Martin, I unplugged the dialup modem last time I was here so if they got installed you woulnd't get a big phone bill...

"Oh, crap...", I said, "Someone's gone and plugged it in again".
"Yeah", says Martin, "It was me, I thought that was why the machine wasn't working..."

As soon as I unplugged it the computer started to work correctly again... I don't want to be there when the phonebill arrives!

I've also become engrossed by a book I received from Sarah on Chirstmas day when I told her I'd only been given two presents (both of which involving John, her man!). It's a book she'd bought for her Gran I think. About a guy who goes to live in France for a year. It's mighty funny, and I think, although I don't know, it's a good job her gran didn't get it. It's rather... erm... 'rude' as Sarah would say :-)

Wish I had broadband at home... I'd update this far more often with the quite interesting things that I've been doing over the last few days, before I forget that I've done them... oh well!

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