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December 25, 2004

Ho Ho Ho... it's Christmas (and a white one too!)


I've not updated this since I got home, should have done really but logging on to the Internet is a whole phone time sharing affair!

I had quite a nice night out on Thursday. Dad's old school friend called him up to see if he wanted to go to the pub, (he's 61ish maybe) but Dad was playing bridge so couldn't. Dad decided that it'd be a nice idea for me to go to the pub instead. Fair enough as the guy's a decent bloke and interesting to talk to.

After a tin of beer in his swanky apartment we went to our first pub, had two pints and rambled across Skircoat to another pub. Had two more pints there. Then he decided that it'd be cool to go back to his for wine and cheese and other such goodies. We finished off a load of half empty bottles and a pack of pate and had some strange Czech stuff that tasted like cloves.

Quite a funny quote (well I thought so) was said by Pete. Who had started the night on wine, moved to beer, and then finished of bottles of wine back at his place.

Pete: Shall I open another bottle of wine?
Ed: Hmmm, dunno, how about some scotch or other spirit.
Pete: You can have scotch, but I don't like to mix the grape and grain.

Christmas Day's a bit odd this year, what with there being no Grandma. This also means a lack of uncle, aunt and cousin as they don't see the point of coming here for Christmas if they can't see Grandma. Fair enough I suppose. So, for Christmas dinner thing there's going to be the five of us, maybe, and Pete.

Sort of makes Dad's recent purchase of a ridiculously large dining room table pointless - I'll take a photo of it, it's bloody impressive! That said, on New Year's Eve there was meant to be 17 of us eating, but people keep dropping out like flies.

Presents wise, I've got a bottle of ginger wine from Sarah and John, and a Swiss army penknife from Matt and John. The latter is quite funny really, 'cause I was thinking about buying Matt a penknife actually from Switzerland when I was there, but decided that having to check in the luggage would have been an arse.

Merry Christmas. Ooh it's snowing again!

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