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December 14, 2004

A quiet night out...

Hmmm. I appear to be slacking on the post front of late! Oh well :-)

Last night arrived home and John was just on his way out for a bite to eat and a drink with some old workmates. He invited me along (and for various [sort of along these lines1] reasons I decided to go along). For some reason we started drinking quite a lot of beer and rocked in at about 10.30 just a little worse for wear!

Quite a fun evening, and I'd forgotten I could actually drink that much pintage! This morning was a slow starter, although I've now built my final LED control board and it works :-) I'm quite impressed with it!

I've been having funny converstaions with Bo again.

Bo: When I talk English I become full.
Ed: Erm, full.
Bo: Yeah, full.
Ed: I don't understand.
Bo: You know... I can't understand what the person says and they can't understand what I say.
Ed: Ah, you mean, erm, fool?
Bo: Yeah, full.
I grin.

Tonight I'm off out to Prasit's house for some traditional Thai food and a lab get together. Could be quite fun :-) Hopefully won't be as drunken as last nights antics either!

Tomorrow I'm off on hoilday to Switzerland and France woooo. Still need to pack mind... which shouldn't take long. It's the waiting for the clothes to dry that's taking the time!

1 Yes, we're like damn children and we don't care!

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