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December 11, 2004

Delayed post on Thursday

Thursday was the night of Unofficical Electronic Engineers of Lenton and Wortley 2000-1 Reunion. Tom had come over specially from the US for this momentous occassion :-) They all had a curry thing and I met them in the Pit and Pendulum. Then of course we had to go to Ocean.

After arriving I decided to go to the bogs and when I came back I had a nice VK Cherry waiting for me. Ewwww, I thought. Anyways, once I'd popped my VK Cherry cherry I realised that I was addicted and in Pringles fashion, once I had popped I couldn't stop. This meant I then drank uncountable bottles of the stuff. It was quite a good night and my stolen Santa hat kept me warm on the long walk home.

At 9am on the Friday I was meant to be demonstrating my penultimate C++ lab of the year. This didn't happen, oddly enough! Friday was quite productive though. Although I did realise that I bought a load of the wrong components for my build project. Arse. Oh well.

I think that's all. Off for a Christmas meal at the TECcy Wollaton mansion tonight.

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