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April 11, 2003


Oh, so much fun is happening here at the moment... no really.

First this post got posted on Russian Roulette. Humm, seemed to indicate that Ant wasn't pulling his weight. So, in came a swift response...

The ClaudeStreet Information Minister would like to point out there is no dirty dishes anywhere in the house and the bathroom is also clean. The dirt has been banished from the house by the Republican Fairy - Liquid division.

I think I'm going to build a big fat pile of dirty washing and then to try and pull it down, after putting a soviet flag over it first of course :)

Anyways, it's quite clearly my fault for not washing up. Although Ant doesn't like drying so I like to let him do the washing... I hate drying as well, but I'm an easy going sort of person :)... and the plates and stuff do have a tendency to dry themselves :)

I'm waiting for the sack race down the middle of Claude Street... don't worry, our outside corespondent, (me) will be there with pictures. At this point, I'd like to point out that my reports are monitored and my movements around the street are restricted.

I'm sure there's a parody in here somewhere.

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