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December 8, 2004

Lalalalala... ramble ramble...

Have you ever Googled Hmmm? Hehe... I'm on the first page :-) What's a bit worrying is that I'm top for pull the perfect pint. Where I talk of a really silly way of pulling a pint :-D Oh well.

Recently, I've downloadedacquired the lastest Natasha Beddingfield and Joss Stone albums. Quite good, although I'm still unsure if I actually like Joss's voice! I keep wanting her to cough! She also seems to have covered Fell in Love with a Girl by the White Stripes, however, she's a girl, so she's fallen love with a boy. It's quite cool - you can only really know it's a cover by knowing the lyrics of the original as opposed to going "it's a bloody copy where the genders have changed, dammit". Not that I don't have a whole album where this has been done... I'll let some smart arse tell me which album it is and how gay I am for actually owning it (hit there for ya, babe! ;-))

I burnt my left thumb today whilst soldering my beast circuit thing. It still hurts - bitch. Think the beast circuit might actually work though... which is cooooool :-)

I'm worried that I now say "Hello" to almost everyone who I get in the lift with. Even if I only know there face, 'cause I've seen them around. Oh well. With one person it's even progressed to me saying 'Hi' when we end up in the cafe getting caffine infusions at the same time! But, then he started it. We passed in the bridge once and then when we met in the cafe he said 'Hello... again'. I didn't point out that we didn't say 'Hello' the first time.

Wooo! This time next week I should be in Switzerland somewhere :-)

None of those paragraphs really followed on from one another did they? Said it was a ramble... which reminds me about one of the things I had to do on my course about presentation and written stuff last week... but it deserves a post of it's own!

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