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December 7, 2004

Yo dudes!


I've not updated for a while. Sorry :-)

On Saturday I headed off home for Grandma's funeral which was happening on Monday. Bloody trains. Why does it take sooo damn long to go from Nottingham to anywhere!? Ah well.

On Saturday evening I went around to Kate's house for games and wine. Accidentally we appeared to drink a bottle of Kate's stepdads birthday wine. Whoops. It's all Rosie's fault for refusing to drink white wine, clearly :-)

On Sunday I didn't do much. Spent ages getting stressed about where to put tables and chairs in the lounge. In the evening went to the pub with Kate and Rosie.

The funeral was ok as funerals go I suppose.

Back home my project seems to be going ok at the moment, with the build of a LED thing going quite well - too well one might say.

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