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November 22, 2004

I hate to say it... but I told you so!

You might remember the post about computer think-they-know-it-alls

on the other hand hopefully I won't have to deal with the techinical support for fixing it all when it goes casters up because of some flaw in the upgrade at a later date when SP3 comes out or something... it'll be the workshop who gets to deal with it... <evil grin>

Well... last week in my absense the poor machine got a virus and it was decided that some service packs needed installing - I hadn't put SP2 because I'd been told not to - I was told not to put in on my work machine when I installed it... but did anyway, 'cause I'd have to deal with breaking it... anyway... they decided to install it. And Kaboom... it broke.

Since then the computer-know-it-alls have installed Windows numerous times on the machine and still it goes kaboom. They'd almost given up and decided that SP2 and the machine were mutual exclusive... but then I made a mistake by pointing out that it works fine on my machine (which is in effect an indentical quintiplet). So... now I'm having to help the computer-know-it-alls fix it. Least it'll give me kudos I suppose.

In other news... I collected my Union Prize today. It's a very nice hunk of glass. I was expecting a Uni scarf and was looking forward to it because it's so damn cold. Oh well :-)

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