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October 21, 2004

Grrr... bloody computer think-they-know-it-alls

My tutor has decided that I am the lucky man to install all the software on his new machine... as he wants it now and it's in a long queue in the workshop to be done because they have a new lab to install all the stuff on to.

So, I went and told them in the workshop that if they test it for electrical safety I will be more than willing to install XP Pro on it and Word and all the other crap that's required.

When I go down today I get told "just wait a minute while I put Sophos on"
"Don't bother, 'cause I'm only going to wipe it all and put XP Pro on it from a clean start."
"Sophos will stay on the drive though, so it's ok."
"Erm... right... ok."

I've given up arguing with them from past experiences, as they clearly know what they are talking about.

So yeah, Sophos is sooo great it's gonna stand a full drive format. Of course I could just be crap and upgrade the preinstalled OEM XP Home to XP Pro... but that's just not right is it)? (which is what the guy thought I meant by 'wipe it all and put XP Pro on')... on the other hand hopefully I won't have to deal with the techinical support for fixing it all when it goes casters up because of some flaw in the upgrade at a later date when SP3 comes out or something... it'll be the workshop who gets to deal with it... <evil grin>

OK... that's decided, I'm gonna be lazy and just upgrade it... you've not seen anything, right? Doesn't really matter as it'll all go crap when I install Novell and GroupWise on it anyway.

Suppose it's things like this that mean that I'm (in a completely bigheaded way) the only person I'll trust with doing anything to my computer (if I break it it's my bad, my computer, and I'll fix it) - or anyone elses to be honest. I cringe when people take their computers back to the shop to be 'fixed' - surely they are only going to do the quick thing that makes it look like it's worked and everythings fine, when behind the scenes it's a big pile of poo. Of course not all computer shops are like this. I'm generalising. You can get the jist of if a shops like that if you're in one and they are talking crap to a customer about something... or crap to you...

Me in a shop wondering if it was worth paying the extra to have DVD burning abilites when I was replacing my brother's broken CD writer.

Me: What's the difference in price between that CD writer drive and that DVD writer.
Him: The CD writer won't be able to write DVDs
Me: Yes... what's the difference in price?
Him: But they are different things.
Me: Grrrr, can I have a price list?

OK, so that example might be a bad one, but it doesn't fill me with confidence.

Woo, it's turned into a rant!

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