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November 21, 2004


Daddy or Chips? Opera or Firefox?

As some of you will know I dumped IE sometime last year, or maybe the year before... I don't really know when. But I did and I chose Opera. Loads of lovly features, like tabbed windows and mouse gestures and stuff. Brilliant application. Even managed to get the ClaudeStreet house to change to it around the same time I did - even Russ, who still uses it.

There are some pages it just doens't like (sometime it'll just crash when using a form or whatever), and some pages that just don't like it (NatWest) being one. Recently I've been looking at the latest previews of the next release to see if things have improved - suppose they have - well you can use GMail now and it's got some other nice features. OK, it's a preview, but my blog crashes it now :-( I have a feeling it might not be liking the SMS ticker thing, but other sites have still nadgered it.

I've been running a copy of Firefox for a while now - ever since someone pointed out that my blog didn't look right in it. I didn't like the early previews at all to be honest - but it's getting to a stage where I quite like it (especially after installing the mouse gestures plugin - a thing any Opera user can't live without after using Opera for only a day!)

Firefox is now my secondary browser - when a site doesn't like Opera I'll try it in Firefox - and it usually works - even NatWest works now. The problem I face is, should Firefox become my number one browser? There are still things I don't like about it - it doens't put the calendar in my sidebar in the centre for a start, and I'm sure it should do! I'd love to swap to Firefox - if I could guarantee that it does everything Opera can do that I like Opera doing. The only way to find that out is to use it I suppose...

OK... that's that sorted then... I was going to do a poll, but I've decided whilst writing this that I'm going to make Firefox the default browser for a while... and see if it annoys me, or not! I'll let you know how I get on!

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