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November 20, 2004

The week that was...

The problem with updating a blog with limted time is that you miss out half of the things that happened! So, I shall try and remember some of the other things that happened. I really should have written a paper diary with my thoughts in!

Erm... actually I've totally forgotten...

So, my birthday outing. We went to a few bars somewhere in London. 'twas a good night. It was quite funny. On the Friday morning everyone was talking about a strange dream they had had...

Basically, everyone had been out into London with a group of people they didn't really know. Everyone had seen an alleyway with a million coppers down it and thought "that's odd", and then when they saw Michele Ausin in a uniform they realised that they were filming The Bill.

Later on, on a pedestrian crossing a pissed guy tried to sell the group a bike for 20 quid. It was his bike, honest. Not stolen.

In the morning we collated these dreams. The only conclusion we could come up with was that it actually happened.

Photos from the week are now in the gallery, James will be pleased to hear :-)

Big hello to all the new readers I might have found :-) Go on, you know you want to keep reading :-D

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