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November 15, 2004

Updating from the bar...

Woo... WiFi in the bar, and nice people from Spain with laptops which they will lend me so that I can update my blog!

It's amazing how many laptops there are in this bar... last night I counted about 12! all sat in a huddle beavering away on the web!

It was the first day of the workshop today! Boy, what a long day it has been... starts at 9am in a really posh room with big fat leather seats! And finished at 5pm. Throughout the whole day I managed to leave once for a piss and that was it. We even had lunch in there.

I'm not sure how much I'm going to benefit from the course to be honest... I'm found it a tad boring. The people on it are all cool though! Loads of networking going on!

Tonight it's been the course dinner thingy... where we had a posh as hell meal and an after dinner speaker who's like really important and stuff. Scary. There was also thing knighted dude and stuff - and there's only 20ish of us!

Here's a bit of a quote for you from today... :-)

Katy: I'm a bit dissappointed about how few females there are here.
Ed: You think you're dissappointed!?

Yeah, I'm enjoying myself. Last night I managed to drink the bar dry. They ran out of John Smiths whilst pouring my pint, and then when I ordered an Amstel, they ran out of that too! Well funny. Some of us are hardcore drinking folk, and others went to bed at 9pm.

Plans have already been formed for a trip to Leicester Square for my birthday. Althought it's Pete's birthday tomorrow... so a jointy type trip might happen instead... who knows?

Right... I sense that I'm rambling now... and also being a tad antisocial! So I'll leave you and update you tomorrow with the exciting happenings!

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