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November 16, 2004

Just thought I'd post again...

Woooooooo.... it's all bollocks. No really. Today pissed me off big time. It did also piss loads of other people off too. The whole workshop appears to not actually catered for what we give a damn about and instead is just a waste of a week.

I'm bloody knackered! Maybe I should go to bed much sooner... that could be it! Just been for a walk into Oxford Street to 'find the light'. Muchos funnyness. God we're so bored!

A night out in London on my birthday with most of my workshop mates does appear to be on the cards though. Everyone seems well up for it - and keep asking what the plan is! Not that I have one...

Well I'd better get off and go to sleep/watch more Men and Motors on TV ;-)

Expect another frustrated post tomorrow!

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