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November 14, 2004


Well, looks like Internet access is gonna be easy, so you're all gonna hear about how my week is progressing!

Train trip down wasn't that bad. Took bloomin' ages, but hey. My room is really really nice... well I think it is anyway! Not tried sleeping in it yet! It's all quite posh! Got me own TeleWest tuner so can watch pretty much any TV I want to through the week.

I met up with Amanda at King's Cross Station for some north London sightseeing! Managed to get as far as the British Museum... which is dead dead dead interesting. Actually, I think I might be fibbing! It was still quite exciting though, seeing loads of old things that were made by real people before I was born... somethings like before Jesus was born! Cool! The glass roof is cool too.

Now all I have to do is find my way around this damned Club/College complex to find where I'm eating tonight! Arrrrgh.

No doubt I'll talk to you all later if I haven't found anything better to be doing!

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