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October 22, 2004

Might as well start writing it...

Well I've decided that it's time to start being predictive... apparantly it's easier to write one's thesis as you go, instead of cramming it all in at the end.

Well so far I've got the front page (.pdf) done... and the basis of the structure sorted too. All looks quite nice and academic :-)

I also took the camera into work... not much to take photos of (other than a big pile of carpet tiles outside the flooded building - but I forgot to take them!), so here's the view I get when I'm going down the stairs for a piss. You can click on it to make it nice and big and then could have it as your desktop like I have... if you wish.

View from 10th Floor

On Monday I might take a photo of the view out of my office window, and maybe even a photo of where I sit and stare blankly at a screen!

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