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October 23, 2004

Beer Festivals and strange blue envelopes

Last night it was decided that I would be going to the Nottingham Beer Festival. There were some quite normal beers and some crazy beers there. One of the notabaly crazy ones being 'Rocket Fuel' weighing it at a whopping 14%! No, I didn't try any - it'd prolly cost a million tokens for half a pint! The nicest beer I tried was called 'Ginger Bear', made by the Beartown brewery in Congleton, Cheshire, which oddly enough is a beer with a slight hint of ginger!

This morning a blue envelope had arrived for me, with my name and address printed on the outside of it. It looked a bit dodgy to be honest, and seemed quite thick. I sort of assumed it was a 'well done you've won a million pounds' letters that you get with millions of bits of paper with fake 'handwritten' notes on.

Upon opening the envelope, there was another envelope inside with "Disguised Mail" written on it, but otherwise unmarked... erm, has someone ordered me a S&M catalogue as a joke? There was a note from the 'Fraud Operation Department'. Things still seemed quite dodgy... upon opening the envelope I found my new Chip and Pin Maestro card... good job I didn't just bin it as junk without opening it then!

How long have NatWest being disgusing mail?

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