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October 21, 2004

Blah, blah, blah...

First of all thanks to all the people who sent me text hugs on Monday, much appreciated!

The week's improved a little since there, a little, not a lot. I seem to have lost direction in all that I'm currently doing. I come into the office in a morning and try and do work. But I don't actually know what to do. So, I aimlessly search on Google for phrases like 'blood oxygen' and 'skin scatter' and other such things. Then I go and find coffee or something... or a sandwich.

Yesterday I was humoured when my supervisor congradulated me on what I'd done so far... :-/ That humoured me, as I was bricking it when he came in for an impromptu meeting when my screen was full of blogs and MSN windows all flashing away!

I've now managed to be able to walk into the Dunkirk Inn and almost get the drinks I want before I've ordered! Can get tricky sometimes when the bar dude pours my bitter and then starts to pour Chris's Stella and I have to stop him, 'cause I'm a quicker drinker than Chris and I'm on my own sub-round!

On Tuesday I went to the cinema to see White Chicks. I wouldn't bother going to see it if I were you.

Got quite annoyed when I was doing a Google search for novel pulse oximetry, I seem to have bastardised the search results for the topic I'm searching for! Doh!

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