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October 10, 2004

Bugger, the phoneline is nadgered!

Yesterday strange things were happening with the phone... it would ring but there would be nobody there... and doing a 1471 would have the person who last called us, not the phantom ringer.

My cousin is visiting today 'cause his son it looking at going to Nottingham and it seems like I'm the ideal guide... he's meant to be calling. Well the phantom caller called again twice today and then the line went dead as a dead thing.

Luckily, the Internet still worked. So I could use Free World Dialup's free 0800 internet gateway to phone BT. Saves me walking to a phonebox, and I refuse to pay to use my mobile to report the fault.

It appears that there is a fault somewhere between BT and the telegraph pole and people will be working on it. Just got another text saying that an engineer has been dispatched... (I wonder if it's the grumpy one ;-))

Note to significant others of the other people I live with... all calls are currently being diverted to my mobile phone - if I'd had my IP number (0870 3404323) to hand when they asked for the number to divert to I'd had diverted it to that - then I could have done funky things and still got the house phones to ring... 'cause VoIP and Asterisk rocks like that! I suppose at some point they might have killed the Internet connection and that wouldn't work then...

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