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October 9, 2004

Yesterday and today...

Yesterday I demonstrated in my first two labs. Quite a frustrating thing, mainly because the other two demonstrators seemed to be very good at checking there email and dissppearing so everyone was asking me questions. No wonder last week there were complaints that there were no demonstrators... there were... but they were invisible.

Later on John and Matt had guests around for dinner, so we had a big house dinner thing with guests (and wine). Was quite good. It was also Rob's birthday and he was having drinkies with TEC people and friends in the Rose & Crown. I was very tempted to not show my face, due to a whole host of reasons, but I got conviced by Kate and the fact that Steve had invited me out into town earlier and that's where he currently was.

Made a very brief appearance and then went to try hide and from everyone who was making me think that going there was a 'bad idea™' whilst watching Rob play pool. Hardly spoke to anyone and then dissappeared off into town for a few drinks for Steve's birthday; millions of birthdays! Town was quite cool, went to the Royal Children for a pint and then after quite a long Ocean or Long Island debate we chose Long Island based upon it's close proxity to where we were. Clearly we didn't base our decision on the price of drinks! Steve has loaded friends... sat around the big table thing and he appears with a cocktail for each of us (about 8), at about 5 quid a cocktail that's quite an expensive round!

Today I went for a fitting of my new contacts with cylinder correction. They are bloody huge! Like bloody huge. I think putting them in in the correct orientation could be fun. She was like look for the three legs, they need to go to the bottom... what 3 legs!? Luckily it rotates itself in the eye after a few blinks, so I'll be doing that then. I've got them in now, and I've not seen this well for like ages.

When reading the board with my old lenses I could read right up to one above bottom, with this being the size as a normal chart I think, it was a projector thing. I told her that I couldn't read the dots at the bottom. "Don't worry she said nobody can". Then with my new lenses I could read the bottom line. Rocking.

Both of my lenses now have cylinder correction but they are going to cost twice as much as the others, I'm thinking that I might be able to get away with only cylinder correction in the really bad eye and do without it in the right, so long as I don't loose my super sight I seem to have gained!

I sense I'm going to start rambling more now, so I'll stop and click 'Post'!

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